The international famous artist, Walter Peter Brenner has created three different versions of the Master of Your Own Destiny sculpture, each with its own distinct size and material:

1. 0.76 m in Bronze - Price: US$18,000. Artificial marble - Price: US$11,500

2. 1.25 m in Bronze - Price: US$33,000. Artificial marble - Price: US$22,000

3. 2.65 m in Artificial marble - Price: US$250,000

4. 100 m in Bronze - Price: US$7-9 million

These prices do not include shipping costs.

The goal is constructing the monumental 100-meter sculpture in Australia. Such an iconic masterpiece would encapsulate the spirit of hard work and the pursuit of one's destiny in a land blessed with freedom. This ambitious project has the potential to go down in history as a remarkable achievement, provided we assemble the right team to bring it to life.

Our current focus is to find individuals or developers interested in acquiring the smaller versions, particularly the US$250,000 piece. 

My name is Alfonso Abril, and I am the creator of this website, which has received the artist's approval. My involvement in this project is solely driven by my passion for freedom, and I do not have any financial interest in this venture. As a fellow Guatemalan, it fills me with immense pride to offer my support to Walter's journey in fulfilling his artistic destiny.

Our primary goal is to find support from donors and authorities to embark on the creation of an iconic sculpture that will not only reflect the spirit of the age but also embody the core values of Australian society and the golden era that Australia is currently experiencing. I believe that this sculpture has the potential to bring substantial added value to the city where it will be destined, similar to the transformative impact that the Statue of Freedom had on New York.

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