What My Work Tries to Express: Heroic Romanticism


What My Work Tries to Express: Heroic Romanticism

Walter says “In my artistic endeavors, I strive to embody a Second Renaissance of Aristotelian philosophical and aesthetic vision. My work aims to achieve artistic expression that proclaims, ‘We are here, not perhaps, but undeniably we are!’ It emphasizes our conscious awareness of what we perceive and assures us that our senses do not deceive us. While acknowledging our fallibility and limited knowledge, my art communicates the existence of a single truth that may elude us at times. Above all, my work conveys the message that man should be an end in himself.”

The Objective Nature of Beauty:

“My work vehemently proclaims to civilized humanity that beauty is indeed objective and depends on the precise and mathematical integration of its parts within the whole. I firmly believe that human beings are capable of practicing virtues that help them attain values, and that their highest value, life itself, deserves to be obtained, preserved, and immortalized. When individuals acquire wisdom and pursue their ambitions with justice, strength, and temperance—the cardinal virtues of Classical Greece—they come closer to achieving one of the most vital values for experiencing the essence of happiness. This value is purpose, its virtue is ambition, and its reward is the realization of their most cherished dreams: the attainment of the highest goals they set for themselves in order to find happiness.”

Heroic Romanticism:

“In truth, my work epitomizes ‘Heroic Romanticism’—a sense of life that encompasses the belief that individuals have the power to shape and forge their own destinies. It embodies a deep conviction within my mind and soul that human beings are capable of carving out their paths, where there is a genuine hope of someday realizing their most cherished dreams. It represents a sense of life characterized by strength, achievement, and profound happiness.

Through my art, I seek to ignite the spirit of Heroic Romanticism within each viewer. I want to inspire individuals to embrace their innate potential to overcome challenges, pursue their aspirations with unwavering determination, and ultimately experience the fullness of life. By recognizing the objective nature of beauty, the importance of virtues, and the pursuit of purpose, my work aims to provoke a profound emotional response and kindle the flames of hope and ambition. Together, let us embark on a heroic journey of self-discovery, forging our destinies, and savoring the bliss that accompanies the fulfillment of our highest aspirations.”